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Garden Connections offers hydroponic accessories including pH testing kits, humidity gauges, soil probes, stone wool substrates, lighting timers, and more These are essential instruments for successful hydroponics growing. Garden Connections features the following high quality brands: Blue Lab Meters and Probes, C.A.P. products, Can-Filters, Grodan Cultivation Solutions, Hanna Instruments, and Milwaukee Instruments, Oakton Instruments,  and Phat Filter products to name a few.

Having a good healthy growing environment for your plants is of paramount importance. At Garden Connections, we can offer advice on all growing mediums, ventilation and environmental control requirements.

At Garden Connections we have vermiculite, Perlite, Stone Wool, and more.  Whatever your roots are searching for, we have it here. Every plant has roots, and every plant needs a medium in which to grow, no matter what gardening method you use. Garden Connections has searched the world for the best growing media available anywhere, and stocks a wide variety of products for immediate purchase.  Come to any of our locations and get exactly what you need.

You will also need to accurately test equipment to monitor and record conditions. Timers that automatically control lighting, pumps, humidity and CO2 levels in your growing area let you automate and regulate all of these factors.

Choosing reliable, high-quality products for the job is crucial, since control failures can lead to damage or loss of valuable plants. At Garden Connections, we've carefully selected the very best products, each designed to withstand the sometimes-difficult conditions where they are used.

Our volume buying means that we can offer these essential components to our customers at unmatched prices. Come in and check out our selection of timers for your lights, pumps, CO2 – anything you want to control on a timed cycle, we have you covered.

Get one of our thermometers and hygrometers to check out your plants’ environment. Our digital thermometers and hygrometers will even let you know what the temperature and humidity have been while you were away!

Below are a few of the fine products that Garden Connections is proud to offer:

Bluelab Corporation Limited manufactures the World's favorite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring & controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature of a liquid.

C.A.P. strongly believes that the only way to design and manufacture our line of greenhouse and hydroponic controllers is the right way, in understanding what expectations our customers have when they make an investment in our products.

CF Group Inc., a leader in air filtration innovation, With our tried and tested products, you can feel confident you are getting the best for your ventilation needs.

Grodan supplies cultivation solutions that comprise a combination of advice, support and a clean and controllable substrate. For over thirty years, Grodan has been at the cutting edge in the cultivation of safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables and plants.

Hanna Instruments are the market leader in environmental measuring instrumentation. We believe in controlling the quality of our products from their inception to delivery. For this reason, we manufacture all the products we bring to the market including, meters, electrodes, chemical reagents and buffer solutions.

Supplying The World With Instrumentation For The Following Industries: aquarium/aquaculture, hydroponics, water quality, agriculture, education/laboratory, and wine making.

OAKTON offers scientific instruments for research, industrial, and educational uses. These instruments are famous for their unique combination of innovative design and exceptional value, and represent "best buys" in their categories.

Phat filter is the best & most recognized greenhouse filter on the international market because it handles the nastiest odors with ease to give you peace of mind.