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Growing Supplies


Garden Connections carries a large selection of portable greenhouses and indoor growing chambers, from top brands such as Hydrohut, Mammoth Hydroponics and Secret Jardin. The days of DIY and wooden mini-greenhouses are over, to make way for innovation and technology with indoor growing chambers.

These indoor greenhouses are completely self-contained to provide the isolation needed for absolute monitoring and control of the growing environment. Growing all types of plants indoors, even ones that require specific conditions, is a reality that is making waves in the world of hydroponic cultivation. From beginners to more experienced gardeners, Garden Connections has the products that meets everyone’s requirements by offering products to suit everyone’s wishes and needs.

These growing enclosures and are designed to manage not only the hydroponics systems, but also the lighting and ventilation needs. Our products use light reflective material to increase the light intensity within the enclosure. These systems create stronger, more resilient plants, as well as increased yields.

Assembly is quick and easy, even the large sizes can be assembled in minutes by one person alone.

Below are a few of the fine products that Garden Connections is proud to offer:

HydroHuts is a fully owned subsidiary of International grower’s supply‚ Inc located in Los Angeles California & specializing in indoor plant growing tents and related accoutrements. HydroHuts is the number one brand grow tent in the USA.

Mammoth Tents have been elected the number 1 hydroponics product in Europe. With the new Mammoth Tent you can expand your indoor farming project to huge proportions. High capacity and quality you have to see to believe.

Our aim is to enable everyone to grow plants in a portable environment by reproducing, and controlling natural environmental factors that affect growth. We combine research, innovation and manufacturing quality to bring you total satisfaction with all our models.