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Garden Connections has all the indoor grow lights and gardening equipment you will ever need to start growing your plants. Our store carries a complete line of plant grow lights equipment.

Find great deals on high pressure sodium, metal halide, dual lamps and ballasts, along with fluorescent lighting equipment from industry names including Agrosun, Hortilux Schréder, Hydrofarm, Lumatek Electronic Ballasts, and Ushio lighting, and others.

In addition to grow lamps and ballasts you can find great discounts on Propagation Lighting, HPS Light Bulbs, Metal Halide Bulbs, and Fluorescent Bulbs. Most lights are available with reflector and bulb upgrades.

When choosing a light source the requirements of the plant you are growing is important. Most vegetables, herbs and flowering plants require high levels of light, while some tropical plants including orchids and African violets will thrive at lower light levels.

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing grow lights is not getting enough light. It is always possible to reduce the level of light by moving the light farther away, but it’s not possible to add light by moving the lamp closer, since the coverage area decreases.

Fluorescent lights need to be 1 to 4 inches from the plants. High intensity discharge lights should be 1 to 3 feet from the plant. And make sure you change your bulbs on a regular basis. Fluorescent and HID bulbs will last about 15,000 hours, but they lose 25%-35% of their intensity after 4-6,000 hours. You eyes won’t be able to see this loss of light because they adjust, but your plants can feel it.

Garden Connections knows that nothing is more important to the success of your hydroponic or other indoor garden than the proper lighting. We’ve carefully selected the best products on the market for this crucial need.

At any of our retail stores, our expert staff can help you put together exactly the lighting you need for your indoor gardening project, and at prices that are unmatched. We’re dedicated to matching your needs with the best, most affordable lighting system possible. Make Garden Connections your Grow Light source!

Below are a few of the fine products that Garden Connections is proud to offer:

AgroSun halides have the intense blue-white light common to ordinary halides, but they also have unique elements which produce up to 38% more red light, making them the perfect indoor horticultural grow light.

EYE HORTILUX®, a division of EYE Lighting International, designs and manufactures high-quality grow lamps and electronic ballasts. Our grow lamps and e-ballasts produce supplemental or artificial light for indoor plant growth. EYE HORTILUX® grow lamps are used in a wide variety of applications such as: Home hobbyist, Agricultural Unversities, Educational programs, Plant physiological research, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Greenhouses, Plant factories.

Hydrofarm is the nation's largest maker of hydroponics and grow lights. On the market since 1977, Hydrofarm products are the choice of more indoor gardeners than all other brands combined.

Test data has shown that a 600 watt Lumatek digital ballast produces only 5% less usable light than a 1000 watt "core and coil" ballast. It even uses less electricity than the old style "core and coil" 600 watt ballast. The Digital Revolution is here!

USHIO is a leading manufacturer of Specialty and General Illumination lighting solutions based in Cypress, California. USHIO now carries over 3,500 General Lighting and Specialty products.