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We are often asked about the practice of indoor hydroponic gardening. The questions we get asked frequently are things like, 'What is Hydroponics?', 'How do we start an indoor garden?', 'Are fruits and vegetables that are grown hydroponically really healthier?', 'What types of grow lights should be used', and 'What types of things can we grow using hydroponics?'.

As a result of this growing interest in self-sustenance and healthier eating, Garden Connections is here to offer guidance and resources for getting your questions answered and the items you need to get started. It all starts here at GardenConnectionsHydro.com.


GardenConnectionsHydro.com is growing, and we are extending our reach to the best of our ability to have meaningful impact in the lives of those that care about our planet, healthy eating, education, therapeutic gardening, and providing food for those that are without.

Check back here often to stay up to date with what Garden Connections is doing and how you can get involved.

Click on the links below to learn more about hydroponics, hydroponic techniques, lighting types, ventilation systems and helpful industry links.