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Garden Connections stores and on-site services make it possible to enjoy seasonal produce and flowers any time of the year. Our staff provides advice and consultations on anything related to starting an indoor garden by phone, at our stores, and even at clients’ homes and businesses.

Our job isn’t solely to sell supplies and equipment, but to help people become successful indoor gardeners. We even offer in-home consultations and set up of clients’ gardens. We believe that providing this help will make indoor gardening seem less daunting and more approachable.

Garden Connections sells everything needed to create a convenient indoor grow room, such as grow lights and hydroponic nutrients. We also sell complete hydroponic systems and will help you determine what systems is best for your growing needs.

Indoor plants are not only a sustainable source of high-quality, organic fruits and vegetables, foliage, and flowers—they clean the air of many toxins and release oxygen into the air.

We have everything necessary for you to become a sustainable gardener and our professionals have over 30 years of experience combined with extensive knowledge of the hydroponic industry to help you at any time.

If you have an existing grow room setup that you want us to review and make sure is running at maximum capacity, let us know. Local delivery service is also available. Come on in, let us help you grow!

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